The Cabin in the Woods

Overall Score: 7/10
ACTING: 8/10
GORE: 10/10
ENDING: 8/10

There is no way to neatly sum up “The Cabin in the Woods” because it boasts an insanely dynamic plot. The film’s summary sounds like every other college horror movie — five friends head to a cabin for the weekend with the intent of partying only to find out they’re in danger — but you’ll quickly learn that it’s not your average youthful slasher. Behind their getaway lies a much more sinister, and fantastical, plot. With elements of “The Hunger Games,” “Friday the 13th,” and “Indiana Jones,” the storyline makes narrowing a genre very difficult.

The casting director did an awesome job with “The Cabin in the Woods,” featuring stars Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Jesse Williams (Grey’s Anatomy), Bradley Whitford (Get Out), Richard Jenkins (Step Brothers), and Sigourney Weaver (Alien). While the film features lesser known actors as well, they prove no less talented. The music worked with the scenes, but was strictly instrumental and far from memorable. My biggest beef with the movie, however, would be the change in genre. It starts as a conspiracy/cult-like film, then rapidly progresses to sci-fi/fantasy toward the end. The movie kind of explains the leap, but it’s still a leap and I didn’t have much time to process everything. Despite the temporary (and unnecessary) chaos near the end, the plot does come to a pretty obvious, albeit odd, resolution. I didn’t feel blindsided by the conclusion but I also wouldn’t have predicted it. That’s a good middle ground, right?

Ultimately, I wouldn’t write home about “The Cabin in the Woods” — I mean who writes home at all these days? — but I also wouldn’t discourage anyone from giving it a shot, especially if you like a good fantasy film.┬áIt has a good-looking cast and a plot like no other, and it just might satisfy your Friday night needs.


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