Overall Score: 6/10
ACTING: 5/10
GORE: 8/10
ENDING: 6/10

“Abattoir” is rather cringeworthy. The typical music and cheap acting combine to form a mediocre film with an all-too-dramatic plot (and really awful special effects).

A young journalist (Jessica Lowndes) dives into a story that is near and dear to her heart — the brutal murder of her sister’s family. That’s a good start, right? Yeah, no. She is quickly led to a small, mysterious town off the map that appears to be stuck in the past (go figure). As you’d imagine, the town is full of secrets, and the plot grows increasingly thick and hard to follow.

By the climax of the movie, the cast is roaming a mansion that looks straight out of a Scooby Doo episode — but don’t worry because Lowndes’ prop knife will surely keep her safe! The plot was intended to be mind-blowing, but came across as try hard (I think my eyes are permanently stuck in the rolled-back position), and the low-quality feel of the film makes it unlovable.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend this movie, however I did appreciate the Lana Del Rey vibes I was getting from Lowndes (see, I’m not a total pessimist).


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