The Eye

Overall Score: 8/10
ACTING: 9/10
GORE: 5/10
ENDING: 9/10

What. Did. Jessica. Alba. Do. To. Deserve. This?!

In “The Eye,” Alba plays Sydney, a blind woman who gets a corneal transplant, only to learn that sight doesn’t solve all problems — in her case, it creates them. Her new eyes carry the baggage of their original owner, and Sydney can’t catch a break from haunting visions of death and disaster. She explains the horrors to her skeptical young doctor friend, and the two search to uncover the donor’s past.

“The Eye” is one of the few horror movies that starts off scary and gets less frightening throughout. The movie relies on jump scares, and I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I caught some air before the opening credits had even ended. Things pop out fairly often, but as the viewer starts to understand what’s happening, the scares get less and less frightening.

I appreciated the plot of the movie, and I spent a considerable amount of time trying to predict exactly what was happening, only to find out that my predictions were weak. The movie ends in a feel-good way, unlike most horror movies, and the story wrapped up with little-to-no loose ends.

My biggest complaint with the movie would be with the special effects used to create “the shadows” — the main benevolent forces in the film. The dead people in the film are creepy and the wounds in the film are pretty realistic, but the limited effects of the shadowy figures make it obvious that the movie is nearing 10 years old. The remainder of the effects in the movie make up for it though, so take this criticism with a grain of salt.

I would highly recommend this movie to any group of friends looking for a fun scare. The movie will keep you on your feet, and the respectable cast puts it above the competition.



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