I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House

Overall Score: 5/10
ACTING: 8/10
GORE: 0/10
ENDING: 5/10

I’m shocked to learn that “I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House” was not adapted from a novel, because the entire movie is poetry. Like…almost literally. It took me the full 90 minutes to realize that this movie doesn’t really classify as a scary movie. The slow panning motions of the camera will put you on edge, but only one or two scenes actually lead to (mild) jump scares.

The movie shows the emotional side of hauntings by telling the dramatic story of a ghost. It’s not intended to frighten, but to enlighten. The plot develops very slowly and ends very anticlimactically, creating one big, long plateau. There were a few aspects of the film I appreciated, like the cinematography, but it was ultimately more of an art piece than a horror film, and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone trying to feel invigorated.

A Netflix Original, I expected the best, but I misjudged the point of the film and was left disappointed in its lack of terror. Ruth Wilson, who plays the main character, shows talent in her role, but it doesn’t make up for the static storyline.

I feel bad scoring this movie a 5/10, because it definitely has some depth. Overall, I owe it to Oz Perkins for creativity — “I Am the Pretty Thing in the House” deserves some indie awards for its uniqueness — but as far as Fright Watch is concerned, it doesn’t suffice for an adequate scary movie night.




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