Overall Score: 8/10
ACTING: 9/10
GORE: 4/10
ENDING: 9/10

Hi Friend

High-quality horror films are an ancient relic, but the next generation will consider the “Ouija” series classics because of their incredible cinematography and deep plot.

The movie follows a group of friends struggling to break a malevolent connection that they made with the underworld during an “innocent” night with a Ouija board. They’re being hunted, and the path to safety proves more difficult than they imagined.

The film features a number of jump scares, making for a solid night of pants-wetting. In addition, “Ouija” offers a surprisingly complex storyline that slowly reveals itself with each scene. By the end, viewers are left disturbed and frightened in the best possible way.

After watching a number of B-horror movies this month, I’m relieved to learn that there are still some quality scary movies out there. I caught myself frightened to walk to the bathroom alone, and those are the kind of feelings I want after devoting 90 minutes to the television. I would highly recommend the film to all fear chasers — if you think you can handle it.



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