It (1990)

Overall Score: 6/10
ACTING: 4/10
GORE: 4/10
ENDING: 8/10

Let me start off by saying that my low scores don’t necessarily mean it’s an awful movie — it’s old, and the horrendous special effects and poorly-trained actors make it obvious. That being said, it’s based on a Stephen King novel, meaning its plot holds a lot of potential.

In the small town of Derry, Maine, a shape-shifting creature referred to as “It” wakes up every 30 years to feed on children. In order to lure victims, It often presents itself as Pennywise, a creepy-yet-convincing clown. In the year 1960, a gang of children fights back against the monster, and Pennywise angrily haunts their dreams in return. Eventually, the children escape his control and move away from Derry for good. Now, 30 years later, It has returned, and he’s madder than before. It’s up the now-grown friends to return to Derry and stop It from taking more lives, but they find the mission more challenging than before.

I don’t regret watching the film because it’s a classic and the plot was intriguing, but I wish the filmmakers had found a way to shorten it. The movie, which is three-hours long, dragged on for far too long, and by the end, I was fed up with the cheesy acting (especially by Richard Thomas). I’m glad that a new It is coming out soon, and I’m hoping that the new film will portray the storyline in its full potential.

In short, I wouldn’t recommend the movie, but if you enjoy classics and/or want to get pumped for the upcoming remake, give it a shot. Maybe you’ll appreciate it more than I did!


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