Ouija: Origin of Evil

Overall Score: 9/10
ACTING: 9/10
GORE: 5/10
ENDING: 9/10

“Ouija: Origin of Evil” acts as a prequel to “Ouija,” and it was exciting to learn about the previous events that led to Doris and Mother’s downfall. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a series that executes a plot this well, and I was left equally impressed and scarred.

The story is set in the same house asĀ “Ouija,” and explains how its malevolent forces were unleashed. In the movie, a mom (Elizabeth Reaser) runs a fraudulent business out of her home to keep her family afloat. What starts with staged seances and phony readings turns into something much more sinister. The Ouija board she bought as a prop proves to hold real medium powers, and soon her daughter is taken over by the lost souls residing in their home.

“Origin of Evil” contains a number of jump scares — some predictable and some not — but it also digs into viewers’ psyches as they consider the idea that “harmless games” like Ouija boards can ultimately lead to doom. There are also many scenes where, if you don’t carefully examine the background, you’ll miss shadows lurking. In the scene where the older daughter’s sheets come flying off, the main demon’s shadow and eyes are seen in the doorway, but none of the friends I watched the movie with noticed it until I rewound and showed them. Watch the screen carefully and you’ll get the full experience.

The cast of the film is talented, and while the actors obviously wouldn’t win Oscars for their performances, their acting isn’t cheesy enough to hinderĀ the audience from diving into the story. Doris (Lulu Wilson) speaks as though she is reading a script, but because the character is literally a child being controlled by ghosts, it’s acceptable.

I was very satisfied with this movie, and the feelings didn’t end when the TV shut off. On my way home from my friend’s house, I couldn’t help but watch my back, and I made sure that my closet doors were closed before falling asleep that night. When the fears from a horror movie follow me into real life, it’s worth watching. “Origin of Evil” makes for perfect Saturday night entertainment, but to get the full impact, you should watch “Ouija” first.


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