The Watcher

Overall Score: 7/10
ACTING: 6/10
GORE: 6/10
ENDING: 8/10

NGL, watching this in the dark got me a little paranoid. The “Raven” in the film (the intruder who dresses like a bird) looks pretty stupid, but it wreaks havoc nonetheless.

In “The Watcher,” a young couple moves to Los Angeles for a fresh start, but they quickly realize that the beautiful house they got a deal on has some dark secrets. Someone wants them out, and that someone won’t stop till they get their way. Despite sounding like just about every other horror movie on the planet, it’s pretty unique.

What I liked about this movie, despite the fact that the actress was adorable and the acting was above average for a Net-flick, was its constant twists and turns. The whole film has you wondering who’s hiding behind the Raven’s mask, and the finale was difficult to predict. I wish the film had more action and more scares, because it definitely wasn’t a horror film all throughout, but I would argue that it instilled just enough fear to be classified as a scary movie.

If you’re open to giving a Netflix film a try, “The Watcher” wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Just be ready for a very unappealing looking bird mask…like very unappealing.





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