Overall Score: 3/10
ACTING: 2/10
GORE: 4/10
ENDING: 7/10

In “House,” two couples get stranded in a creepy, remote area where the only thing around is an old house. A mysterious person named the Tin Man traps them inside and tells them that if they don’t give him one dead body by sunrise, he’ll kill them all. Everyone in the house begins turning on each other, and they’re running out of time before dawn — someone needs to die.

The plot of this movie had potential, but the acting was quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever seen. I hated the cast with a passion, and 101 minutes have never gone by so slowly. The only reason I didn’t rate the film a 0/10 is because its ending threw me through a loop. I wish someone with a higher budget had made this film, because had it been done right, it would rock. There was one point in the film where I’m pretty sure a literal backdrop was used, and it looked worse than a high school set crew could create.

Part of me wants everyone to watch because of the series of plot twists toward the end, but the kind part of me wants to spare everyone from wasting their time…so yeah, you probably should just steer clear. If you do decide to stomach “House,” though, please let me know if you accurately predicted the last 15 minutes before they happened (even after seeing it unfold, I wasn’t sure what I had just watched).


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