The Charnel House

Overall Score: 4/10
ACTING: 4/10
GORE: 6/10
ENDING: 8/10

In this film, a man flips an old slaughtering house into a new, high-tech apartment building. What he fails to share with the community is that the slaughterhouse killed more than animals. The new residents’ excitement quickly fades when the building’s dark past reveals itself.

“The Charnel House” flaunts a good-looking cast, but what they have in appearance, they lack in talent. The acting was subpar, and the low qual special effects only worsen the experience. At one point, the smart TV in a man’s room turns on and shows old videos of a cow walking around and meat hanging from a room…I mean…maybe that’s scary to some people? But I chuckled and rolled my eyes.

Despite the heavy cheese throughout the film, there was a fairly good underlying plot. About 3/4 of the way through the movie, I realized what was going on, and while it was semi-predictable, it was an interesting twist. After receiving an explanation for some of the weird occurrences, the movie ties up nicely.

Would I recommend this movie to a friend? Given the 4/10 rating, no. But if you’re looking to turn something on while you do your homework, “The Charnel House” makes excellent background noise.


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