Overall Score: 7/10
ACTING: 8/10
GORE: 5/10
ENDING: 9/10

Years later, the tape is back, and Samara’s revenge hasn’t subsided. This time, herĀ patterns are changing, and one young woman feels called to hunt her down and find out what she wants before things get further out of hand.

“Rings” marks the third installment of The Ring series, and in my opinion, it’s the best one. It was scarier than the previous films, more compelling than the previous films, and the characters pulled me in more than the previous films.

That being said, I think the whole series is overrated, and while they beat out most films in the genre, they aren’t nearly as memorable as you’d expect. THAT being said, Matilda Lutz gave an awesome performance, and I’m hoping she stars in more American films in the future.

It’s hard to dive into the pros and cons of this film without revealing too much, but I would suggest you give “Rings” a chance at some point. You’ll probably be able to figure things out even if you haven’t seen the first two films, but it never hurts to binge-watch the series either.

Long story short?Ā WATCH ME.


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