Let Me In

Overall Score: 5/10
ACTING: 6/10
GORE: 8/10
ENDING: 7/10

I read somewhere that “Let Me In” is one of the 10 best horror movies, and whatever site I read that on just lost all credibility.

First of all, this isn’t a horror movie. I wasn’t scared at any point. It was a gory fantasy movie with a lot of blood and cheap, preteen acting.

Secondly, the lackluster writing and unbelievable special effects in this movie would never make me think, “Oh this is definitely one of the best scary movies ever made!”

Chloe Grace Moretz is a talented actress, but this awkward preteen Chloe didn’t win me over. Worse than her, though, was Kodi Smit-McPhee, whose character made me cringe more than Robert California. Part of me wants to say that Smit-McPhee has no acting abilities, but the other part of me thinks that only a good actor could pull off a soon-to-be-serial-killer character like he did. It was almost too easy to imagine this little junior high kid going on a murder rampage.

One of the fun parts of the movie was watching a young Dylan Minnette (Clay in “Thirteen Reasons Why”) play a bully. If you’ve ever seen him act in other films, you’d know that he commonly portrays gentle, sensitive dudes.

Another fun part of watching the movie was counting how many times Ronald Reagan appeared on the televisions in the background. The movie never told us what year it was, but he was shown so often that viewers would be stupid to not realize it took place in the 80s.

“Let Me In” had a mediocre plot line that dragged on for nearly the entire 116 minutes. If you’re really into vampires and preteens, you honestly might enjoy it, but if it already sounds “eh” to you, don’t even give it a chance. It doesn’t get any better.


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