Overall Score: 8/10
ACTING: 8/10
GORE: 9/10
ENDING: 9/10

“Hush” introduces us to Maddie Young (Kate Siegel), a deaf/mute woman whose only roommate is a sassy white cat. After an evening of cooking at her home in the woods, she comes face to face with a masked man outside her door threatening to torture her. She can’t hear, she can’t speak, but she’s smart. What’s the man’s game plan, and will Maddie find an escape?

The creators of “Hush” were genius for toying with the idea of a deaf woman being the subject . . . it’s frightening. I would definitely recommend this movie, but I’d say its biggest downfall was the plot. They established a unique twist for the victim that I’ve never seen anywhere else, but there was no motive for the intruder and I think that weakened the storyline quite a bit.

Still, the acting was good, the movie was decently scary, there was a pretty heavy amount of blood, and I’m surprised that a film with this high of quality made it to Netflix. It’s hard to go into depth without spoiling details, but “Hush” is a movie that all thrill-seekers should give a go at.


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