The Babadook

Overall Score: 7/10
ACTING: 7/10
GORE: 6/10
ENDING: 9/10

I watched “The Babadook” when it first came out, and I watched it again to write this review. Both times I was nearly bored to death, and the child actor gave me a major headache.

“The Babadook” revolves around a single mother and her unruly son with a whirlwind of mental problems. Partway into the film, they get terrorized by a monster from a children’s book, and things just spiral from there. The Babadook plays on the characters’ weaknesses in order to control and torment them.

This film has received widespread praise for its depth and fright, but if you’re seeking a real scare, don’t buy into what they say. The film is a commentary on grief and the horrors it can have on a person. It symbolizes something more than just a monster, and while some find that “true horror” to be scarier than a jump scare, I would argue that they’re wrong…isn’t scariness supposed to raise your heartrate?

“The Babadook” was well-made for an Australian-Canadian art film, and it’s something that movie buffs should watch in order to be in the know, but I wouldn’t expect it to be the best thing you’ve ever seen. Perhaps the most redeeming part of the film is its surprising ending, and I think that’s what gave it the ratings that it got.



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