Anyone searching for a new blood-curdling movie to watch should know if it’s worth their time. I’ve scored each movie based on a number of elements, and more information about each category can be found below. Each category is scored out of 10.


Too many horror films fall flat in the plot department, so when you find a movie that’s scary and has a solid storyline, you know you’re in for a treat. A high score in this category means the movie will leave you Googling fan theories, and a low score in this category means there’s little-to-no depth behind the blood.


Acting makes or breaks just about every horror movie, which is probably why Netflix annexed a whole chunk of films to their “B-Horror Movies” category. Don’t get me wrong, some of the best thrillers have subpar actors, but if you’re looking at a score below 5 in this category, you may be in for more of a comedy than a horror.

Fear Factor

If I’m not clutching my pillow and finding every excuse to look away from the TV, is there any point in watching? Whether it’s through jump scares or psychological torment, every thrill-seeker wants to be thrilled! This category warns viewers of the scares to come. If the score lands above a 7, you might want to make overnight arrangements with a friend or loved one…ain’t nobody wanna sleep alone after that.


Not to be confused with Fear Factor, this category ranks the level of blood and guts. If you like a good scare but can’t handle the sight of dismembered body parts, you’re gonna want to pay special attention to this score.

Special Effects

Decapitations, apparitions, piles of blood, and explosions: They all rely on special effects. If things look unrealistic, you better believe I’m going to slash the score. Camerawork also plays a role in this category — audiences should feel like they’re watching a real-life scenario unfold. If things are on par with today’s high standards, they’ll rank high. Warning: Anything over a decade old will likely have a low score here, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth watching! Make sure to consider all categories before making a judgment!


So often, people devote 90 minutes toward an attention-grabbing plot that lacks a purposeful ending. I’m not about that. Sometimes, no resolution is the best resolution. Other times, filmmakers try to create a thought-provoking ending and it just doesn’t work. I’m not going to reveal any spoilers in this section, but just know that low scores in this category might mean it’s not worth your time.

Overall Score

could add up all the other category scores to come up with my overall score, but every now and then there’s an incredible movie with a small amount of gore or an awful movie with a lot of scares. This is the score that accurately reflects the overall quality of the movie and its parts.


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